Saturday, 15 June 2019

Cinderella 1981 - 30th Anniversary of the World of Philatelists

Last year it was brought to my attention by a fellow Decaris lover that the master actually engraved a stunning cinderella mini-sheet, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the World of Philatelists. I was, as you can well imagine, very keen to track down my own copy of the cinderella. Surprisingly, it didn't take very long to track down. Why I had never stumbled across it before, is still a mystery to me. 


This great mini-sheet was issued in 1981. The dominant feature of this mini-sheet is a pair of hands holding up the world. To the left we see one of Decaris' favourite subjects, Notre Dame Cathedral, located on Ile-de-France, Paris. It even includes a ship at the centre top. I adore this cinderella! 

Interestingly, each mini-sheet has a number stamped on the reverse, which provides us with a bit of a clue as to how many of these bad boys were printed. Below are images of the reverse of my copy and that of my friend, mentioned above (he happens to have a stamp blog too. Click HERE to take a look). 

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