Friday, 13 April 2018

Cameroun 1946 - Definitives (Part 2)

The people of Cameroun have many proud traditions. Perhaps one of the most enduring of these is archery. It is depicted within government symbols of power. It is used for cultural icons. There are also many local sayings and proverbs involving archery. It is therefore fair to say that archery permeates the culture of Cameroun people.


In August 1946 Cameroun issued a set of 19 definitives comprising 6 different designs, three of which were designed and engraved by Albert Decaris. In Part 1 we studied the first design, featuring banana porters. The second of these designs features a Cameroun archer. This design was printed in four values, each with its own unique colour. I love this design. The determination and concentration on the face of the archer. The rather intricate design work of the quiver. The lovely dappling of flora around the composition. And the traditional hut in the background to the bottom left. Great stuff, Monsieur Decaris!

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