Thursday, 31 March 2016

Saarland 1948 - More Definitives

In a previous blog I studied the four stamps Albert Decaris designed and engraved for the 1948 Saarland definitive set of 13. This set was issued 1 April. For my quick run-down on the territory of Saarland, click HERE. Decaris designed all thirteen stamps in this set. As mentioned above four of these he engraved, the other nine of which he only designed. These nine stamps can be further broken down into four unique designs, each with its own engraver.


The first design depicts clasped hands. The theme of reconstruction after the ravages of WWII runs through this entire set. This particular design suggests co-operation in the reconstruction process. The design was issued in three values. This design was engraved by Dufresne.


The second design type depicts a worker. This man has a big smile on his face, suggesting happiness in his work. This design was used for two values. This design was engraved by Piel.


The third design type depicts a young woman gathering wheat. This design was used for two values. I can't quite make out the engraver's name on these stamps...


The fourth design type depicts a miner in a hard hat, ready to descend into the bowels of the earth. This design was also used for two values. This design was engraved by Cottet.


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  1. The engraver's name on the Girl With Wheat looks like Charles Mazelin's signature on a proof. Check out this forum and scroll down: